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défi d'un Classic canadien

Parchristian-laurent- Posté le12 août 2007

un canadien défie les anglais Classic au Mondial en suisse:
Challenge from Canada to UK sailors of Classic Fireballs:

I am a classic fireball sailor from an inland lake on the prairies of western Canada. I had my first taste of international competition at last years Worlds, which were held just 1500 km to the west of me in Victoria. Even though we are mid-fleet sailors at the best, we are keen, so my 16 year old son and I have registered for the 2007 Worlds in St Moritz Switzerland. But we are noticing that almost all the boats attending are in the 14,000 series, and most are likely wide-bowed boats with all the latest equipment. We are mere mortals, from the hinterlands of the sailing world, used to sailing in a classic boat, and, as luck would have it, the boat we have chartered in Switzerland is also a narrow-bowed craft which will likely qualify for the classic fleet.

Some of you club sailors of classic boats in Britain may not be aware that, for the first time in 2006, a perpetual trophy was awarded for first place in the classic fleet at Worlds. It will be awarded again in Switzerland, and so far I only see 2-3 boats in the list of registrants that are likely classic boats. So, I challenge British sailors of classic boats to sail with me in the classic fleet in Switzerland.

Come to Switzerland and have some fun, some good laughs, and sail in our international classic fleet!

Richard Quinlan
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
CAN 7944



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