Vous êtes iciGul Fireball Worlds in Carnac - August 22nd to 31st 2018

Gul Fireball Worlds in Carnac - August 22nd to 31st 2018

Race documents are available online and registration is now opened  

Club page http://www.yccarnac.com/fireball-world-championship-2018-gul.html

Notice of Race http://www.yccarnac.com/fireball-world-championship-2018-gul-race-documents.html

Registration: http://www.yccarnac.com/registration.html

FI page for the event http://www.fireball-international.com/upcoming-events/upcoming-events/2018/08/french-worlds-2018/


  • Wed August 22nd  Registration and measurement
  • Thu August 23th   French National and Preworld
  • Fri  August 24th      French National and Preworld
  • Sat August  25th   Registration and measurement
  • Sun August 26th   Worlds, 2 Races
  • Mon August 27th   Worlds, 2 Races
  • Tue August 28th   Worlds, 2 Races
  • Wed August 29th  Lay day
  • Thu  August 30th  Worlds, 2 Races
  • Fri  August 31st    Worlds, 2 Races

Social program

  • Sun August 26th: Opening Ceremony
  • Tue August 28th: Crews Dinner
  • Thu August 30th: Dinner BBQ Next Worlds Promotion
  • Fri August 31st Prize giving and closing ceremony

On race days: Prices giving and post races drinks


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